LFW: Riccardo Tisci And his Burberry Show - You Concept LTD

Burberry welcomed in a new era on Monday evening as Riccardo Tisci brought haute streetwear to the runway for his debut collection.

‘I was never really into the trench, but now I realise what a beautiful thing it is’ said Riccardo Tisci.

It has been five months since Tisci announced that he would be replacing Christopher Bailey as Chief Creative of Burberry.

There has been much speculation about how Tisci would put his mark on the prestigious British brand, the designer already having changed Burberry’s iconic logo and made the brand fur-free for the first time ever.

On Monday, Tisci revealed his first Spring/Summer 2019 collection during London Fashion Week, but in contrast to the star-studded front rows we were expecting, it was, in fact, a celebrity-free zone, with just members of Tisci’s big family and some of his designer’s friends.

The most notable among them was Kendall Jenner, who, after not walking any shows at New York Fashion Week, chose to make a special appearance to celebrate Tisci’s Burberry debut.

In his previous job at Givenchy, Tisci was among the first to identify the streetwear trend that has come to dominate fashion.

“I’m trying to build, over time, a wardrobe for a mother and a daughter, a father and a son. We have so many stores. Why just offer one identity when you can really design for every age, for every culture and every different lifestyle?” he said, echoing the brand’s new focus and keeping the merchandise fresh.

The collection took in a sensual and old world luxury: a soft leather pencil skirt, a lineup of pleated print skirts, jackets threaded and tied with silk scarves and more street looks, halter-top trench dresses worn with white socks and Mary Jane flats. Bambi, a Tisci signature, came on shirts and trenches while snippets of phrases from Shakespeare along with punk, pop and historical references appeared on T-shirts, jackets and coats.

Having watched how Tisci transformed Givenchy over 12 years, we can’t wait to see what’s around the corner for Britain’s biggest luxury label.