Gucci's One Time Only Paris Show - You Concept LTD

Backstage at Paris Fashion Week, the Guccification of beauty continued, unsurprisingly, at Gucci.

For the first time, Gucci showed its collection in Paris, in the Théâtre Le Palace, 9th arrondissement.

“I didn’t want to go to the Louvre. I chose a small theatre that’s been the symbol of a different scene that doesn’t represent the French grandeur,” Alessandro Michele explained, “I’ve chosen a place where more ordinary things happened. Where you could meet new lovers and have never-ending nights.”

The show opened with a short film of two models who appeared to be either possessed or high, roaming an antique burlesque house.

The film was created by Italian duo Leo de Berardinis and Perla Peragallo, who Michele described as “the most passionate and transgressive, the most decadent and irregular Dioscuri of Italian experimental theatre,”

The usual eclectic offering was there: twee retro knits, granny-chic loafers and gorgeous stretches of 70s suiting.

Gucci paid tributes to country legend Dolly Parton with this collection, including a sleeveless denim jacket with Parton’s face on the back and a sweater.

Surprising accessories were kept to a minimum; there wasn’t any dragons, but a live white cockatoo was placed on a model’s shoulder.

Parton wasn’t the only woman of honor at the show,  also the legendary French-British actress and singer Jane Birkin was seated amongst the guests and got up to sing “Baby Alone in Babylone”, a performance that lasted less than  two minutes.

The result? A Shakespearian presentation of gender-blurring rebellion.

“I’m very interested in the idea of not limiting the power of clothes, faces and the wearer; the idea that some forms, some symbols of our culture, put together again, decomposed and recomposed, can create new meanings.” said Alessandro Michele.

Dear Gucci, it’s always a pleasure.