From renting the perfect location to managing detailed travel arrangements and accommodation, our team of experts take care of all the logistics and, with a network of over 15,000 partners, ensure the best rates.
The You Concept booking service allows businesses to manage their own travel, whether by boat, car, train or plane, and hotel reservations online. We also use our established network of contacts to secure competitive rates and ensure the best value for money. For any unforeseeable changes or issues, our team are on hand to offer quick support and solutions from one of our locations all over the world: London, Paris, Milan, New York and Miami.




You Concept offers international logistical solutions for a variety of events such as exhibitions, launch parties, hospitality suites, showroom coordination and fashion shows.
You Concept unites logistics management with creative design and expert production, leveraging our first hand industry experience and problem solving approach to tailor each event to an individual client’s needs. Our services range from location scouting, interior design, furniture rental, and technician hire, to cleaning services, selecting personnel, security and catering.
We are able to assist our clients at every stage of an event and meet every requirement and preference, from transportation to selecting personnel and training on detailed briefs through to the coordination on the ground and the final reports.




You Window is a talent scouting platform that helps emerging designers and fresh talents to reach key buyers and internationally esteemed stores. We offer our clients a fully integrated service that helps to manage all angles of their business by coordinating the following activities.

• Talent Scouting
• Strategic support and pricing strategies
• Sales campaign preparation
• Worldwide Target list
• Brand Analysis and strategic development
• Database of sales manager
• Creation and management of commercial communication
• Sales management overseen by an experienced member of the YOU CONCEPT team
• Visual merchandising
• Schedule of appointments
• Sell through analysis
• Press support




We work closely with sponsors and advertisers whose content, products and services will be of interest to our community. We provide sponsorship opportunities via exclusive events during two of the year’s most hotly anticipated events, the Venice Film Festival and Miami Art Basel.
To request our media kit and learn about advertising and sponsorship opportunities, please contact us here.




Through the development of strategic communications campaigns, we help our clients speak directly to key industry influencers.
You Concept offers clients simple, smart PR solutions tailor made to meet their requirements. Our team of professionals will oversee the creation and distribution of all press materials, targeted media lists, appointments with stylists, editors and special projects with celebrities.




You Concept offers a range of digital solutions to help brands establish a strong online presence through creative campaigns and special collaborations. From constructing websites and social media channels through to graphic design, branding and newsletter campaigns, we offer a range of services and skills to ensure our clients hold their own in a crowded and competitive space that is constantly evolving.