Tate Modern London - You Concept LTD


London Fashion Week took off strong starting this fashion season. TATE Modern is taking place in the magical City of London and Youconcept its honor to be part of the production managing team.

This year presentation is taking place at the Tomorrow showroom presenting luxury brands like Chalayan, Markus Lupfer and Ports 1961, which all of them have made an amazing impression during London Fashion Week. Starting from Ports 1961 fashion show this past week, presenting a collection inspired by the 90’s minimalism, the focus of the perfectionist designer was to provide a working woman’s wardrobe fit for purpose in the 21st century, in other words, Ports is a pragmatic collection at its best when it simplifies.

Markus Lupfer doesn’t stay behind this Fashion Week presenting a collection which it was all about pools, fun and ’40s esque swimming pants. A lot of floral embellishments, blue, and orange was the perfect mix for the collection that follows the designers maximalist universe and style. The presentation environment was walled off by white balloons, the models arranged around and the furniture upholstered in the same prints they were wearing.

Chalayan Fashion Show was inspired by the ¨the idea of the lost individuals in a digital world and living with the opinion of others but at the same time being empowered by the entitled state¨. but at the same time the collection was literal an opening section of gray suiting and dresses, frames around the body to redefine a confidence in the body, but also it falls and it drapes. The collection was between the designer’s conceptual creative rhythm.